Gift Giving Made Easy :)

Tis' the season for Christmas parties, staff parties, open houses, get togethers with the girls, etc... My plan this year was to get a BUNCH of little gifts together all at once to try and be organized for once this holiday season. Here are my top go-to gifts for EVERYONE that I run into over the season. 

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Upcoming Projects

Gifts for the girls. This year, I am working to knit as many gifts as I can for my friends and family :)

I have found a very simple project that I can easily work on while I am watching TV, etc... 

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My continued obsession with French Macarons

I posted a little while ago about the French Macaron 101 mini-course on A Beautiful Mess. I had some great success with the difficult little cookies, but wanted to try and refine my recipe a little more as I was getting cracked shells occasionally and I wanted them PERFECT.

Through my googling, I found that a lot of people have a lot of trouble with the sugary sweets. Too much moisture, not enough heat, too much heat, not enough patience...

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